Court dismisses DA’s bid to declare cadre deployment unconstitutional

 ·21 Feb 2024

The Gauteng High Court in Pretoria has dismissed the DA’s attempt to declare the ANC’s policy of cadre deployment unconstitutional – with costs.

Judge Aubrey Ledwaba delivered a brief judgment on Wednesday morning, writing that there is “a bright-line between state and party that is observed… [and that] influencing government decisions is not the same as political meddling in the affairs of government.”

DA leader John Steenhuisen said that the party is disappointed but does “respect the judgment; however, [it believes] that a number of errors in law and interpretation have been made.”

Steenhuisen said that the DA’s “legal team is busy… digesting the judgment, but we will appeal it to the SCA (Supreme Court of Appeal) and potentially directly to the Constitutional Court.”

The ANC welcomed the ruling, saying that its policy “cannot be faulted in principle” and is common practice around the world.

The ruling party stood by the testimony of its president, Cyril Ramaphosa, at the Zondo Commission, who said that “we would concede that there are weaknesses in its practical implementation that make the case for greater clarity, both within political parties and the state,” and said that it is implementing reforms to better its policy.

This judgement comes after the ANC handed its cadre deployment committee minutes to the DA on Monday following a constitutional court ruling. 

Additionally, the ANC said that it would be releasing all records on its website today, which can be accessed here.

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