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How to transform your business with Microsoft AI 360

The potential business uses for AI technology has become one of the hottest topics in the tech industry.

However, Nigel Duffy – global AI innovation leader at EY – says that while there is a lot of noise regarding AI, the discussion and analysis of how it will actually transform business practices has been lacking.

This is because constant technological developments make it difficult for businesses to map out a clear path for digital transformation through AI.

Microsoft AI 360

To help such businesses, Microsoft has developed its AI 360 model, which is focused on starting conversations and providing structure to the digital transformation planning of companies.

There are three main uses for the Microsoft AI 360 model:

  1. To guide investment in AI
  2. To support digital transformation planning
  3. To identify areas in your business where AI is being used, and where it could be implemented efficiently moving forward.

Each of these uses is important if you plan on using AI in a matter that is optimal and effective.

Working through the model

The model is split into three sections: benefits, functionalities, and capabilities.

Each of these sections provide businesses with a platform to engage in productive conversations around the potential that AI offers. However, these sections are best utilised in combination with each other, as this allows businesses to develop a 360-degree plan for AI implementation.

The four primary benefits that AI can provide to the bottom line of businesses are:

  • Improved customer engagement
  • Employee enablement
  • Operations optimisation
  • Product and service transformation.

These benefits can be extrapolated to specific scenarios within your business to reinforce how AI is capable of improving your business practices.

To reap these benefits, however, businesses must understand and action the five key functional uses of AI technology – which are outlined and explained in the AI 360 whitepaper.

This is a good point at which to evaluate how your business is currently using AI. It also allows you to make the connection between the functionalities of AI, and how these can be used to achieve the benefits you want from the technology.

To access these functionalities of AI, however, your business must be well-versed in a variety of crucial capabilities – which are also explained in the model.

These capabilities serve as an “activation layer” which ensures that your business is equipped to implement the functionalities of AI on a technical level.

If adhered to, this three-tier AI 360 model will guide you towards the efficient and structured implementation of AI in your business.

Ensure a successful future

The Microsoft AI 360 model is a powerful tool that is capable of forming the core of your AI strategy.

It has already been used by many companies across the Middle East and Africa region, helping these companies to become AI-mature and maximising the benefits of this critical technology.

To download the AI 360 model whitepaper and strengthen your AI strategy, click here.

This article was published in partnership with Microsoft Gulf.

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How to transform your business with Microsoft AI 360