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Recalibrate your career and consider consulting

 ·20 Mar 2023

After having spent several years tailoring both your studying and your work experience to a specific vocation, you may be surprised to find yourself saying, “Yes, and am ready to make a change!” You are not alone.

For many professionals this is frequently the case, leaving them unsure how to reinvigorate their career ambitions.

Changing industries and altering your career path can be daunting, but lingering in a state of unfulfillment and unrealised potential should be far more concerning for an ambitious professional.

Traditionally, specialised fields of study gave the impression that certain professionals are locked into their career path. Employment practices then reinforce this as few companies have the foresight to hire outside of narrowly defined pools of talent.

This is especially true in the world of management consulting where those with backgrounds that are not purely financial are seldom considered.

Management consulting is a dynamic realm where a variety of expertise and qualifications can thrive.

For example, engineers can integrate seamlessly into the management consulting space, particularly if their new company scaffolds this process through relevant training and mentorship.

The same is true of accountants and actuaries, as candidates with these backgrounds have highly transferable skills.

It is also important to remember that in management consulting, your attitude shapes your aptitude – as long as you approach everything with drive and tenacity, you can learn the requisite skills.

If you are a high-calibre candidate, with the right mindset, work ethic and character, then you will excel in management consulting, especially if your company nurtures your talent.

One such global management consulting firm, headquartered in South Africa, is a testament to how a variety of candidates can successfully enter the world of management consulting.

Monocle has remained one of the firms that welcome a broad range of candidates. This is fundamental to facilitating the company’s continued growth and is part of their ethos to “envision consulting differently”, according to Willie Ehlers, Monocle’s COO.

From well-established employees to new hires, Monocle has consistently emphasised this philosophy.

According to Monocle’s talent team, last year the company employed an additional 100 people, and engineers, accountants and actuaries with various specialties were particularly sought after by the firm.

The comprehensive training programmes on offer at Monocle ensured that these new hires excelled, by heightening both their analytical and quantitative skills for the banking and insurance space.

Once new employees are equipped with technical certifications and training – provided to all Monocle staff as part of the company’s onboarding process and throughout their careers – consultants are set up to succeed.

In addition to training, the company promotes social engagement. “Monocle’s emphasis on connection – through our myriad of sport clubs and social events – helps new employees to integrate with ease,” according to Patrick Byrne, Monocle’s Senior Executive of People and Culture.

In addition, Monocle’s model of support and mentorship caters to everyone throughout their career journeys.

Monocle is evidently one of the firms that is striving to be different, both in their approach to work and their recruitment practices.

At its core, the company works as a change project execution partner for prominent blue-chip banks and insurance companies in South Africa, the UK and Europe.

As such, it provides a variety of projects both locally and internationally, allowing consultants to gain local and global experience working alongside some of the most prestigious financial companies in the world.

If you are eager to recalibrate your career with a company that takes a holistic approach to work – including culture, training and mentorship, as well as exciting opportunities in cutting-edge projects in the financial industry – Monocle is at the forefront of this.

They are currently hiring across a broad range of positions.

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