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Protect your home and business with Xiaomi’s new smart cameras

 ·17 Apr 2023

With security threats on the rise, homeowners and businesses are turning to smart camera surveillance to protect their properties.

Xiaomi knows this, and has launched a new range of indoor and outdoor smart cameras that provide impressive video quality and smart security features.

There are four feature-rich Xiaomi smart camera models to choose from:

  • Xiaomi C200 – Indoor
  • Xiaomi C300 – Indoor
  • Xiaomi C400 – Indoor
  • Xiaomi AW200 – Outdoor

We detail these cameras’ impressive features, below.

Xiaomi smart camera features

Xiaomi’s smart cameras capture clear, high-resolution videos with a wide-angle lens to ensure you don’t miss any activity.

The indoor models are equipped with motorised rotation, too, giving you full 360-degree horizontal movement and at least a 106-degree vertical view – depending on your model.

These impressive viewing angles give you a panoramic view to provide you with full surveillance of any room for complete peace of mind.

Along with these wide angles, the Xiaomi smart cameras can monitor your rooms under any lighting conditions.

This is thanks to their wide aperture, high-sensitivity image sensor, and built-in infrared LEDs which provide enhanced colour night vision.

Xiaomi’s smart cameras are also equipped with a range of smart features, including AI human detection and voice control.

AI human detection alerts you to unwarranted visitors through the Xiaomi app, while smart voice control through a smart speaker allows you to manage your cameras through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

For example: you can rotate the indoor models through voice control or switch your cameras on and off at your leisure.

Additionally, each camera supports multiple storage methods with full encryption to ensure your data is safe and private – including through local MicroSD Card storage, NAS devices, and the cloud.

Xiaomi C200

The C200 is a cutting-edge security camera that offers 1920×1080 recording.

You can install it upright or inverted, as with all indoor models.

Xiaomi C300

This 3MP camera captures 2K ultra-clear recordings thanks to its 6P lens that reduces light refraction.

The C300 also supports two-way, real-time voice calling – effectively turning your camera into a webcam or baby cam.

Xiaomi C400

The C400 is the top-of-the-range indoor camera, offering 2.5K video through a 4MP sensor.

You can pan, tilt, and zoom remotely, and it supports dual-band Wi-Fi for a strong and stable connection.

Xiaomi AW200

The Xiaomi AW200 is an outdoor 1080p camera with an IP65 water and dust resistance rating.

It features a ‘personalised sounds function’ that can automatically play a voice recording (such as a warning) when moving objects are detected.

Get your Xiaomi smart cameras

Xiaomi’s smart cameras are available from top South African retailers Takealot, Makro, and Incredible Connection.

If you’re looking for smart cameras to protect your home from intruders, Xiaomi’s smart cameras are your best option.

Protect your property with Xiaomi’s smart cameras.

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