Business Talk – JustSolve CEO Botha van der Vyver explains how low-code development greatly improves ROI

 ·17 Nov 2023

In this Business Talk with Michael Avery interview, Botha van der Vyver – Founder and CEO of JustSolve – explains how low-code development can greatly improve a business’s bottom line.

Van der Vyver has extensive experience as a software developer, having previously worked as the Head of IT New Technology at Onesys in 2009.

He later became a Solutions Architect at OneLaw, before joining Cognadev as its Chief Information Officer in 2014.

Van der Vyver then joined Dreamtec Innovation as a Senior Software Engineer, before founding JustSolve in 2016.

As the CEO of JustSolve, van der Vyver leads the company in empowering business leaders to deliver quality software efficiently.

Business Talk interview

Van der Vyver kicks off the interview by explaining what led him to start JustSolve and how low-code accelerates digital transformation.

He then discusses how low-code can improve a business’s ROI on software development projects by enabling the faster development and deployment of applications.

He also talks about the customisation and integration benefits of low-code platforms.

Van der Vyver unpacks what the future holds for low-code development – in terms of advancements and improvements – as a conclusion to the interview.

Watch the full Business Talk interview with Botha van der Vyver below.

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