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 ·6 Feb 2015
load shedding ended Eskom

A disgruntled South African is so fed up with Eskom, that he has started a crowd sourcing initiative to take the power utility to court.

Oliver Coull said he started Court Ally, a ‘crowd funding justice’ website, in order to collect enough funds to take Eskom to court and break up its monopoly.

Coull said that in 2008 already, Eskom knew it would face a power crisis. “Yet 8 years later we are sitting in a worse situation with load shedding scheduled for the foreseeable future.”

“If they have done nothing in the past 8 years, are we really going to believe them this time round?”

Having launched the site earlier this week, he hopes to raise R2 million.

Coull is calling for a change. “Eskom needs to be partially broken up to allow greener energy producers into the market or at the very least open the grid up so anyone can feed back into it.”

“We will then be able to choose the energy companies we use, from 100% renewable energy producers to Eskom style inefficient diesel guzzling.”

“With new plans for this with their crazy R1 trillion dodgy nuclear deal, 16% increase per year, rolling black outs, R140 billion losses to our economy predicted for 2015… It’s clear we need an alternative to Eskom,” Coull said.

He said that he aims to collect funds to take Eskom to court either to a) break-up their monopoly, b) allow private energy producers into the market c) Open up the grid so everyone can feed back into it.

All funds collected go into a specified Attorney Trust account with the condition to be only used for this specific purpose, Coull said.  “If the case doesn’t go to court we will refund your money.”

“Our South African constitution permits anyone to use the courts but ultimately funding determines the access. So this platform is for people who are worried about how their money is being spent.”

With rolling blackouts expected to continue for the remainder of the summer, It was reported that a total of 15,467MW of Eskom’s generation capacity was off-line on Wednesday, constituting an unprecedented almost 36% of Eskom’s 43,000MW installed capacity.

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